I like working in a variety of styles, subjects and challenges. However, I find that I naturally gravitate towards linework, either fineline or boldline, Asian style subjects, and illustrative work.

Looking at my Portfolio and recent work on Instagram will give you a good idea of whether my work matches your style and what type of designs I enjoy doing.

Generally I enjoy subject matter with:

  • Creatures and animals mythological, symbolic, or fantastical, such as dragons or snakes
  • Florals, plants, food, insects, general botanical pieces
  • Referencing fine art or historical images, like etchings, statues, paintings, illustrations, ornamental decorations
  • Re-interpreting popular culture, such as animations, anime, music, games, movies, comics
Ariyana tattooing a client

Most importantly, I prefer to work with clients who I vibe well with.

If I feel I’m not a good fit for you artistically or aesthetically I will be transparent about it. I collaborate best if given creative freedom and respect for my tattoo process.

Ultimately, I want to make work for you that we’re both happy and proud of. Thank you for your time and attention.


Studio Rules

- No piercings or cosmetic tattoos (eyebrows, eyeliner, etc)
- I will not tattoo anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol
- I will not tattoo if pregnant or nursing
- I do not tattoo minors under any circumstances

- For payment at the tattoo appointment: Cash is preferable, although I do accept payments through Venmo, Zelle or Cashapp
- Prices are quoted after I've reviewed & accepted your Tattoo Inquiry
- Deposits are required to book appointments & are non-refundable
- Tattoos start at $120

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