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  • Mild Soap (preferably unscented & antibacterial, such as Dial)
  • Paper Towels (do not use bath towels, you will want something disposable) – Ointment or your preferred Tattoo healing product (My go-to is Aquaphor, water-based, travel-sized should be enough unless you got a tattoo that is larger than 5-6 in.)
  • Unscented Lotion (ex. Cetaphil, Eucerin)
  • Healing with Derm (Saniderm/ Tatu-Derm/ Tegaderm):

Pricing / Deposit / Payment Info

  • Location, size, complexity, color & background determine the pricing. Estimates are done after I receive your Tattoo Inquiry. One touch-up session is also included in the pricing. Please see Can You Touch-Up My Tattoo?
  • One-session Tattoos are priced per piece. Larger/  complex work/ cover up work will be at an hourly rate.
  • Tattoos start at $120
  • Deposit pricing varies according to complexity of the tattoo, but currently for new clients the minimum is $100
  • For payment at the tattoo appointment: Cash is preferred, but I can also accept Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle and Paypal.

What Type of Work Do You Prefer?

I like working in a variety of styles, subjects and challenges. However, I find that I naturally gravitate towards linework (either fineline or boldline), Asian style subjects, and illustrative work. Looking at my Portfolio will give you a good idea of whether my work matches your style as well as what type of designs I enjoy doing.

Generally I enjoy subject matter with:

  • Creatures and animals mythological, symbolic, or fantastical, such as dragons or snakes.
  • Florals, plants, food, insects, general botanical pieces
  • Referencing fine art or historical images, like etchings, statues, paintings, illustrations, ornamental decorations
  • Re-interpreting popular culture, such as animations, anime, music, games, movies, comics

WHAT Will You Not Tattoo?

  • I may decline an unfamiliar style if I feel I’d be doing the client a disservice. I will be honest if I feel I’m not the artist that will be the best for what you want.
  • I won’t tattoo subject matter that makes me uncomfortable.

WHERE Will You Not Tattoo?

  • Anywhere I think the tattoo will fade easily, even after touch-ups (ex. side of fingers, inner lip)
  • I may also turn down work on visible tattoos on a case by case basis (ex. facial, neck, hands)
  • Anywhere that makes me uncomfortable.

What Happens After I Book?

  • I will send a calendar invite for your confirmation after the appointment date has been agreed on and the deposit sent. If you do not see the invite, please check your email folders and spam before sending a follow up email. The confirmation is helpful also for sending reminders of the appointment one day and one week before.
  • Please review How Should I Prepare for.. & What to Bring to.. sections prior to your appointment.


  • Consultations range usually between 30-60 min. They’re recommended for larger tattoos, continuation/rework, or cover ups.
  • Consults are not charged however deposits are required if you decide to book
  • I prefer scheduling consults closer to the estimated tattoo session appointment so our discussion is fresher in my mind before working on the drawing
  • Usually we’ll discuss the tattoo, review reference pictures and any details. It’s easier to estimate the size of the tattoo in person. Occasionally I do a rough guide or sketch in marker on the body.
  • Video consults are also available if you’re unable to come in person

What is Your Drawing Policy?

  • I do not send artwork online. The drawing will be shown for your review the day of your appointment when you arrive.
  • Minor edits will happen at the shop since it is easier to have a back and forth in person. More time consuming changes may result in a reschedule of the tattoo session to prevent other client session times from overlapping. Another deposit may be required.
  • I will generally do only one drawing. If I have any other ideas they will be done at my own discretion.

What if I Change My Tattoo Idea After Booking?

  • Please inform me of any changes or additions to your idea at least 1-2 weeks before your session. Depending on the extent of the changes I may have to reschedule your tattoo session appointment.
  • If it is a complete idea change and the initial drawing is finished I may take an additional deposit and the previous deposit will be forfeit so please be sure before booking.

How Should I Prepare for My Tattoo Session?

  • Get proper rest and sleep the night before your session
  • Eat a good meal between 1-3 hours before your session
  • Remember to bring your ID, comfortable clothes, etc. See What Should I Bring to the Tattoo Session?.

What Should I Bring to the Tattoo Session?

  • Comfortable clothing to either wear or change into. Specific clothing that will give me access to the tattoo area will be extra helpful.
  • For rib/back pieces for ladies I recommend bringing a cardigan/button up for you to wear backwards to help keep you covered during the tattoo.
  • Towel or blanket in case you get cold/sweaty. This happens usually with tattoos on the torso area.
  • Water, juice, sports drink – the extra sugar and electrolytes will help give you energy
  • Snacks, especially fruits as the sugar helps maintain your energy and stamina
  • Your ID (license or passport) to be used for the consent form you will fill out before starting the session.

Can I Use Numbing Cream?

  • Please keep in mind certain numbing creams can react to inks or tightens the skin so it can make your tattoo session take longer, which I will have to account for.
  • If you still prefer to use a numbing cream, please apply it 20-30 min before arriving at your session. Clean the skin, apply a warm wet towel to help open your pores. Apply the cream to the tattoo area and plastic wrap the area for the full 20/30 minutes for better absorption.

What if I’m Running Late to My Tattoo Session?

  • Please let me know as far in advance as possible via email.
  • If you are more than 30 minutes late we will have to either cancel or reschedule the session to avoid running into other clients’ appointments.
  • Your deposit will be forfeited. Please review my Deposit Policy.

How Do I Maintain My Tattoo Over Time?

  • It’s generally a good habit to continue to keep your tattoo moisturized. Avoid exposing the tattoo to the sun and if you must, please remember to use sunscreen.

Can You Touch-Up My Tattoo?

  • One touch-up session is included in the original pricing of the tattoo. Just contact me when you’re ready to set it up. This is best for cover-ups, color and fineline work.
  • Any additional touch-up in the future afterwards will be charged according to a case by case basis.
  • If you’re getting other tattoos I can also touch up previous tattoos in the same session if you inform me beforehand so I can set aside the extra time.

Why Haven’t You Posted My Tattoo? 🙁

I don’t post consistently or every tattoo I do. Please don’t worry or think too much if I haven’t posted your tattoo. I do my best for each piece and I’m really grateful for your trust in my work, but my priorities are tattooing, interacting with clients, drawing, and scheduling, with maintaining my social media much further down that list. This is in addition to living my regular life in my available time. Thank you for understanding!

Do You Offer Apprenticeships?

No, I am not taking any apprentices at this time.


Studio Rules

- No piercings or cosmetic tattoos (eyebrows, eyeliner, etc)
- I will not tattoo anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol
- I will not tattoo if pregnant or nursing
- I do not tattoo minors under any circumstances

- For payment at the tattoo appointment: Cash is preferable, although I do accept payments through Venmo, Zelle or Cashapp
- Prices are quoted after I've reviewed & accepted your Tattoo Inquiry
- Deposits are required to book appointments & are non-refundable
- Tattoos start at $120

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